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Horse Trekking

€70 per person (Minimum 2 persons)

Horse trekking accompanied by an expert guide, to discover ancient Umbrian castles in the surroundings of Todi.

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Sport and wild, this Horse Trekking experience is thought to release the tensions of everyday life and regenerate yourself in nature in contact with the horse, on an excursion to the ancient Umbrian castles near Todi.

Services you will enjoy:

  • Horse trekking experience with expert guide*
  • FITETREC insurance

*Walk suitable for expert and less experienced riders, minimum preparation required, assessed within the stables. Minimum age required 14 years, registered minors must be accompanied by a tutor and be equipped with caps. It is necessary to communicate in advance the presence of riders weighing more than 90kg.

Duration about 3 hours;

Services not included:

  • Transportation;
  • meals and drinks;
  • extras of a personal nature

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