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Furioso Trekking Experience

€80 per person (Minimum 4 persons)

Furioso Trekking Experience

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Excursion along the “Via del Furioso”, a path that follows the course of the Tevere River, in a stretch where its course accelerates, becoming impetuous.

The voice of nature will accompany you along the route that discovers small ancient villages and connects towns of renowned beauty, crossing evocative landscapes and iconic natural and anthropic works of art.

Cecanibbi, the Castle of Doglio, Todi and Monte Castello di Vibio are the pearls involved in the ring circuit that insists on the territory of the middle valley of the Tiber.

What you will experience:

  • Guide service and storytelling along the route;
  • Lunch.

Approximate duration 4 hours

What is not included:

  • Transport;
  • personal extras.

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